Bridget StJohn, MA, LMFT

I graduated from Antioch University Seattle with a masters in marriage and family therapy with drama therapy. This means I look at not just the present problem but also the details of your daily environment, relationships, family history, and past experiences that may be impacting your present frame of mind and/or mood. 

I utilize a variety of psychotherapy techniques, depending on your needs. I make available talk therapy and/or expressive arts therapy (drama, music, art). I take the collaborative approach, where we work together for a solution you feel fits best. I am trained in a number of theoretical perspectives in psychotherapy and allow myself to be guided by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), collaborative therapy, client centered/strength-based therapy, emotion focused therapy (EFT), family systems therapy, trauma focused therapy, and drama therapy with additional expressive arts. Sometimes I help you learn the ability to do meditation and/or mindfulness as a means to self sooth or calm the brain.

Some of my favorite distant mentors are Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker, Carl Jung, Sue Johnson, John Gottman, Brene Brown, J.L. Moreno, and Bessel Van der Kolk just to name a few. Integrating ideas and techniques from mentors of the past and present into my own style of connecting with you helps me be flexible and adaptive to your specific needs. It is one of the reasons why I love this work, because it requires creative thinking for each person who comes in to see me.  

A Little Personal History
I started out in the arts, music and theatre early in life in productions at school and in community theatres. I started writing songs early, and began performing my original works in my late teens. To get college money, I joined the U.S. Army (active) as a refueler (Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants Specialist) and deployed with a Medical Air-Ambulance Evacuation Company out of Germany to Saudi Arabia for the first Gulf War (Desert Storm). I was also later in the Army Reserves (NBC NCO) to help pay for continuing college and left the reserves as a Staff Sergeant. I've had many jobs in my life to include singer, waitress, store cashier, cab driver, house cleaning, security guard, and many years of federal civil service. My inspiration to become a therapist for many different populations to include veterans stems from wanting to use the arts as a means to help people in addition to conventional psychotherapy. I like the fact that my personal experiences in life help me adapt to the many walks of life that enter my office. I truly enjoy getting to know people and working in this profession.