Bridget StJohn, MA, LMFT

I provide services for individuals & families to help resolve barriers that interfere with positive qualities such as joy, self-esteem, connection with others, compassion, and love. I make available both regular talk therapy and expressive arts therapy options to include art, drama, writing and music. There are a variety of ways to work through your personal challenges, and I work with you to find the best way that suits your needs.

Some people ask what kinds of therapy I provide. What do I do? The first thing I do is get to know you. You don't have to tell me everything at once, and there are no requirements knowing exactly what to say. Just be you, and do the best you can. I'm a very engaging therapist, and it's my job to not only make you feel comfortable, but also engage in conversation that is designed to elicit self expression even when you don't think you can.

I am trained and educated in a number of theoretical perspectives in psychotherapy for individual and family therapy. I allow myself to be guided by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), collaborative therapy, client centered/strength-based therapy, emotion focused therapy (EFT), family systems therapy, trauma focused therapy, or drama therapy with additional creative arts therapies. Sometimes I help you learn the ability to do meditation and/or mindfulness as a means to self sooth or calm the brain.

Some of my favorite distant mentors are Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker, Carl Jung, Sue Johnson, John Gottman, Brene Brown, J.L. Moreno, and Bessel Van der Kolk just to name a few.

Integrating ideas and techniques from mentors of the past and present into my own style of connecting with you helps me be flexible and adaptive to your specific needs. It is one of the reasons why I love this work, because it requires creative thinking for each person who comes in to see me.