Services & Resources

Here you'll find links to videos, information on therapies, and other links helpful that we'll talk about during our time together. It's good to know what the different therapies are about so you can be prepared for what to expect in your sessions. 

I see adults of any age/culture/ethnicity/religion. Children 10 years-old into adolescence for individual sessions possible. Please call for details.

For information on what individual therapy is and the benefits, click on this link Individual Therapy .

Couples Therapy
 I see couples in any stage of their relationship. If you're ready to do the work, I'm ready to help you. Initially, I do a 45-minute consultation appointment to see if I'm the right therapist for you. If you want to continue with me, we'll set up the appointments and insurance if covered.
For more informaiton on this type of therapy click on these links Couples Therapy
Relationships & Marriage


Family Therapy
Family sessions can be for just parents or can include as many members of the family that can fit in the office (usually around 5 members). Any age is welcome in family sessions, just note the office is on the second floor of the building with no elevator. Anyone you consider family is welcome.  For more information about family therapy, click on this link Family Therapy

Links to videos and articles
Brene Brown's - The Power of Vulnerability
Brene Brown's - Listening to Shame
Brene Brown - Anatomy of Trust
Esther Perel - How to Fix the Fights You're Sick of Having
What is Therapy?