Insurances Accepted

Please note that you are responsible for knowing your insurance plan, co-pay, and deductible amount. Please check with your insurance company for details. If you have any of the insurance emblems below on your insurance card, I can take your insurance. But, please call your insurance company to verify I am an in-network provider. If you are a BCBS (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) with a Trust account or Union account, etc., please also verify I am an in-network provider. 

Premera BlueCross

to include Global, Heritage, Foundation, Heritage Prime, Heritage Signature, and LifeWise Connect. 


to include the EAP program. 

Regence BlueShield

to include Asuris Northwest Health & Healthcare Management Administrators

First Choice Health

If your card has the First Choice Health logo on the front or back, your insurance will be accepted with me. There are too many affiliated companies to list here. 

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Options, Inc. 

Affiliated with First Choice Health. 


Insurance provided via ProviderOne/Medicaid of Washington.